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Our role is to help beneficiaries and caregivers make informed Medicare decisions.
We simplify the decision-making process with a process that provides clarity and peace of mind.


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What is The MedPlan Store?

We are a local Cincinnati business owned by Kathy Liguzinski, a licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare Health Plans for people in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Kathy’s experience working with Medicare beneficiaries' health insurance plans taught her this:

Medicare language can be challenging, making it difficult for people to understand how to make the right choices.

Our role is to help beneficiaries and and their caregivers make informed decisions about Medicare and Medicare options in a clear, concise and honest manner. We represent most Ohio insurance companies. We are able to educate and advise so that you can choose plan options that best suit your particular needs and budget.

Your plan choices don’t have to be permanent. We check in with you once a year during the open enrollment period October 15 – December 7 to see whether your health needs have changed. This personal care gives you the opportunity to reassess your current plan and make any needed changes.


Wish to get in touch? We’d love to work with you.

The MedPlan Store
5643 Cheviot Road, Suite 3
Cincinnati, OH 45247

(513) 451-8131

Fax: (513) 451-0094

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